Live set: Kroserz for More than a Portrait

Last night I had my first live set at Spazio Tadini (Milan), my music was used for two coreographers (Federicapaola Capecchi, Alberto Chignoli) that danced following my sound variations. It was amazing and I felt a huge sense of responsibility because someone wasn’t dancing casually listening to a music that wasn’t mine for the first time; it was my work, reworked live for another work. There were also 4 photographers in the scene that captured various moments of the performance interacting with the dancers, after the performance they selected some of their pictures and then they showed them to the audience.

I used my favorite DAW, Fruity Loops, in performance mode, controlled by an iPad; then I mapped an LPD8 to control various effects and modulations. It is a simple set, but it’s in evolution and it will become more and more complex.

Next live set will take place always at Spazio Tadini 2nd Febraury.

kick, hat, snare